Midtown RestaurantA Multicuisine Restaurant : 1204 Sqft.

Midtown Restaurant offers a wide range of international cuisine, Indian delicacies and delicious Rajasthani Thalis. Enjoy a relaxed ambience and cuisine from around the world at Midtown, the multi-cuisine restaurant. Our dining venue is designed to evoke the senses, from enticing flavours and aromas matching to the elegance of design and décor. Our chefs are delighted to offer an unmatched experience of taste, quality and awesome preparations.Park yourself here for a leisurely Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as the riveting. Enjoy the electric mix of cuisine, loosen up and talk business.

Location- Lobby Level
Opening Hours: 07:00 HRS.to 22:30 HRS.

  • Multi cuisine Buffet Breakfastat at Restaurant 07:00 HRS to 10:00 HRS.
  • Multi cuisine Buffet & a-la-carte Lunch 12:00 HRS to 15:00 HRS.
  • Multi cuisine Buffet and a- la-carte Dinner 19:30 HRS to 22:30 HRS.

  • Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
    Breakfast: 350 + Taxes per person
    07:00HRS to 10:00HRS
    Lunch: 1000 + taxes per person
    12:00HRS to 15:00HRS
    Dinner: 1200 + taxes per person
    19:30 HRS to 22:30HRS